Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - New Zealand


The Beginning to ........

Let's go back to June 2008, I had just completed my first 1/2 marathon a month before in May. I had just picked up my daughters friend, it was raining and I slipped on the bottom 3 steps, but me being tough goes yes I am fine, and heads home. The next morning could not walk on my left foot, thought oh know possibly a break as I had broken this leg 3 times before over the years, so headed to A&E and got it x-rayed and yip 1 break and 1 spiral fracture. In a cast for 6 weeks and thought that was the end of that. 

Well boy I could not have been more wrong, it never healed, went back and got it x-rayed again and again, as it was so swollen and painfull, but nothing showed on the x-ray. Figured it was something I would just have to live with which I did for a good 2 years. 

But just before May 2011, I was having to take 4 lots of nerofen just to get through a shift of work.... I knew something was wrong but had no idea what, whatever it was, I knew it was just getting worse. 

Anyway in May 2011, I decided biking was the way to go to get fit as walking was getting harder and harder.... That was until I did a head first over the handlebars and smashed my wrist..... Ended up at A&E and yip a broken wrist, after trying to manipulate it back in with no success, surgery was required where they placed a plate and pins in the distal radius. 

After the cast came off, I could not move the wrist and was in tears with pain, they referred me to a hand therapist and from there was referred to a pain specialist and on August 3rd 2011 was officially diagnosed with CRPS/RSD. From there we also discovered my ankle had been undiagnosed CRPS/RSD.

So here we are in November 2011 and I now have CRPS/RSD in my right ankle/leg and both wrists/arms. 

Well here we are in September 2012, and I am still on ACC and studying part time - luckily it does not seem to have spread to anymore of body. I am on many meds a day, to help with the pain, and of course that comes with many side effects (a catch 22 situation). I have a psychologist and hand therpaist I see regularly 

But the future is looking good for me, and while I am able to I plan to enjoy as much of it as I can, I have a wheelchair for longer distance walking, and we are planning a trip to the Gold Coast July 2013, so am trying to get as fit as I can for that, and that gives me something positive to focus on.   

2017 UPDATE:
Here we are in April 2017, the CRPS had taken over my life and I decided I needed to turn this around, so I did my training and am now am a professional nail tech, and have my own business, I have started back into a weight-loss journey. I am coming off all my meds and by mid 2017 I hope to be med free. So for now my main focus is building up the business and coming of the last of the meds as well as weight-loss and getting fitter.