Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - New Zealand


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Chronic pain has been described as a silent epidemic. More than one in ten people -- over ten per cent of the population -- suffer from persisting pain.
Over the last month, how often have you: 
1. taken pain killers so you could do something you know would stir up your pain?
2. completed a task, regardless of pain, then ′paid′ for it later with more pain? 
3. found that pain is interfering with your sleep, work, sport and social activities?
4. had one or more long rest periods during the day because of your pain? 
5. felt you cannot go on as your pain gets worse
6. worried that your doctors have ′missed something′? 
7. been told to ′live with the pain′ but not shown how to do it?
If you answered ′yes′ to any of these questions, then MANAGE YOUR PAIN will help to improve your life.
All too frequently, chronic pain cannot be successfully treated -- and drugs are not always the answer. But the combination of approaches provided by MANAGE YOUR PAIN can help you learn to minimise the impact of pain, and put persisting pain where it belongs -- in the background of your life.


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

New Zealand