Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - New Zealand

Have you been diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome...

Have you been diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome otherwise known as CRPS/RSD or many other names. I bet a part of you is relieved to finally have a name for how you have been feeling, and its not all in your head - But Now What?


You are still probably confused on what this means, and how can you explain it to others, when you really dont understand it yourself. You have been on the internet and are possibly more confused than before. But never fear, help is here - If you live in New Zealand, you are probably feeling alone, as there are no support groups around in your area. 

​First of if you haven't already seen it, go check out the Public 'Facebook Page'  and ask some questions, and then check out some of the links on this site. 

It is scary what you are reading on the internet, but please be aware that there are many success stories, where CRPS has gone into remission, they are just not on the internet as much, so dont give up hope.


If you have any questions, ask on the Facebook Page, or email me at 

Just one thing, here in New Zealand they are doing a trial, if you are interested follow this link to see if you qualify - 'CRPS Study'.


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